Seriously, is it me? What’s with the rainy day starts to the weddings? Matt and Jessica must think I’m the drought reliever considering how many times it rains when I take their pictures. First the engagement session where Matt popped the question, while Jessica figured out how to type on a blackberry, the storm clouds….well, let’s just say that it WAS a dark and stormy night that night..but we got good pictures!

Fast forward…July 24th, hottest day in Pittsburgh Phipps conservatory, yes right there next to Carnegie Melon University (misspelled?) and the University of Pittsburgh, yes friends, the hottest day in Steel town since dinosaurs worked at the steel plants. Plus a little Grand Prix action to keep the parking situation fun and free moving.  Jess and Mat appeared, a little moist, but full of smiles, it was the rehearsal, one more day, just one more day of planning and then…..the bliss of not having to make certain the flowers are in the right place, or the tuxedos are intact..wink, wink Jeremiah!.  The clouds left at the end of the day, and the call for the next was just 40% and 82 degrees.

So it’s Sunday…add 60 to the 40 and you will get the amount of rain in about an hour around 12noon. I was swimming my way towards Pittsburgh after staying with friends in Johnstown Pa. Oh, that 82 degrees? that was just a little off (like 20 it seemed) but no matter, I got to Jessica’s home and into the swirl of activity around the hair. Which really was stunning. I do mean really good, and the makeup…boom boom POW. Jessica looked really great, and the future Mrs. Stre…Strenc…hold on…Schwersenka, was ready to get into her dress. She laces up, we do some pictures, and then lo and behold, the skies are clearing!

Great, because now the sun is out, I can see Matt try not to lose it when Jessica walks in, and then me not lose it as I hear her voice crack during her vows, gets me every time.  We did fantastic shots in the Garden at the Phipps, then the University of Pittsburgh, then the Hot Metal Bridge. I’m sure it wasn’t talking about that day, but the pictures did make me happy along with a friggin great sunset series, and yes Jenna…seriously, you can not smile and it still looks great in pictures!

So, to Mr. and Mrs Jessica and Matthew Schwersenka, thank you for choosing me to come out to Steel town, I had a wonderful time and your generosity is second only to the genuineness of your awe for each other.

Enjoy these pictures again.