When we first sat down to discuss the details of the wedding day Sankar was insistent, “What do we do if it rains?” In April it seemed a distant possibility that rain in July would be coming…then there was the “storm that wasn’t a storm” which was in the middle of  July2010, better know as the summer of steam. Imagine the relief, collectively, it really was quite nice outside. when the temperature dipped, and the humidity came down to post dinosaur levels. It looked to be a great wedding day. Though not without it’s perils, DC is an interesting place to drive even for the locals. Come in from outta town? You are really going to want to jump a cab!  So 45 minutes done the hard way, and Nicole and Sankar were jumping the broom and getting ready for the Malcolm X Drummers and Dancers.

A dance troupe with a chorus of drummers and a stilt walker, fantastic is to small a word, so I hope the pictures do some justice to it all. Fantastic wedding you two!