When Sara and Nicole first went out, each says, actually emphatically state, the first date was awful. They met online, not that’s there’s anything wrong with it, went to Wheaton, the details are to be kept secret for all time, but the story does include a follow up phone call apologizing for the first date and asking for a do-over. Ever the optimist, Nicole and Sara met, flowers were brought, dinner was enjoyed, and a visit to the National Christmas Tree…apparently much more up to snuff, because 3 years later they stood together in the Sheraton in Silver Spring and promised themselves for all time to each other.

Not merely wanting to settle for a metaphorical plunge, the true plunge was later in the pool on the top of the hotel.

The honeymoon in Rome thankfully did not include a stopover in Venice,m or Sara might have been persuaded to take yet plunge!

Special thanks to the staff at the Silver Spring Sheraton in Particular Virginia Perry, so much help from her, and a wonderful thanks and appreciation to Jamie Suthard a friend and fantastic photographer with Borrowed Blue Photography. She was a wonderful addition to the day.

Enjoy the results!