Jeff knew that he wanted to meet Daniel, friends had even said so. “There’s this guy…”, a refrain so many hear, so often it’s part of our single adult lives. Jeff and Daniel were also, an additional part of our culture, nervous, they had said “hello” online 3 weeks before the first date. You get to know things about someone online, but you always fill in the blanks for things that can’t possibly be covered in an email.

So January, 9, 2008 at the Regent Thai house close to Dupont Circle, they met and talked and talked through dinner. It was a conversation powered by the kind of excited electricity that goes through your veins when you can’t get enough of either the conversation or the person. After dinner Daniel was about to walk home, Jeff seized the moment, and Daniel, and they had their first kiss. Daniel says that he’s glad it happened, and it confirmed Jeff as “the ONE”, Jeff called it a bold move. Boldness can win the day it seems.


Fast forward 2 years, lives created, marriage proposal given, and a date set. With the wedding among friends and family at Anderson House in Washington DC, a walk was planned to bring them both to their ceremony. Every couple plans their wedding day with the idea that, while a fabulously special day, the clock moves as it always does. Every couple finds out how long the minutes drag until those clothes are put on, and then the hours turn to quicksilver. Every emotion, every day and every friend with whom you want to share some last tiny bit of gratitude for being there swims past the eyes and fills your heart. Hands comfort others and the watches are looked at, and then looked at again as if they can somehow slow time for just a little bit longer or explain why just one more hug will last so long. The fumbling of ties and the examination of knots. Could there be anything more deliciously dizzying then knowing the next few hours will bring you together with your most loved partner and friend, yet infuriating in that the time moves fast and slow.

You want to say “I’m here, just around the corner, not much farther now” memories side by side with the sweet expectation of each step. The walk up the aisle holding his hand in yours, then you turn and look into his eyes, as brightly lit as yours, and you see the place you have always known as home, the two arms, the warmth of his kiss, what will always be the harbor at the worlds end.

Flowers beautifully presented by Edge Floral (thank you Cassie!) and catering by Occasions (thank you Joel!) and so many personal thanks to Sarah from Engaging Affairs,  who kept everything going smoothly.