There will always come a time at every event or photo-session where someone asks, “what’s the best camera” and I always tell them,
“The most important piece of equipment is 6 inches behind the camera”

Maybe  your company has a corporate event that is the biggest outreach it makes during the year .Compelling photographic content will help you attract more attendees.

Perhaps your company is looking for a consistency in it’s team portraits, the right approach to the portraits will help project that to your clients.

Your family is new and growing, and your kids are getting tired of looking into your phone and waiting for the focus. You could just be ready to make pancakes with the kids on a lazy morning before you go out to play together.

You have been planning this Mitzvah since before they were born, you just don’t want the kind of pictures you were forced to do at your Bat Mitzvah.

You have been planning a food blog for years, and now is the time to start it up, I can help you from pictures to lessons in photographing food in the way that you want. From snapping the picture to post production for your entire menu.

A picture worth 1000 words, needs none to explain…