Compelling photography from your event helps highlight your cause or business, exciting your current attendees, and creating interest in new ones.
Professional photography does this by;

  1. Interesting angles and compositions
  2. Professional post production- nobody likes green skin. Post production can eliminate color shifts due to varying lighting environments.
  3. Attention to detail, rather than hope your attendees found all of your offerings, We will work with your point of contact to identify VIP's, and objects of importance relevant to your event.
  4. Quick turn around of relevant images. Your social media personnel won't have to sift through hundreds of pictures that aren't relevant, but instead receive a digital download of all edited images within 24-72 hours of your event.

When your images are consistent and on message, your event will be more easily viewed, tagged, and shared.

When your event is more highly visible, you can reference your event not only in social media, but company reports and collateral media.

The images also help foster a sense of community and can tweak the desire to be a part of a network or group, a call to arms, or they could simply say, "That was a great company party"