Linkedin headshot, Maryland, Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland Linkedin Headshot

Linkedin is an online business network and information hub for professionals. This sets it apart from other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Your digital persona is represented by your Linkedin profile, where a square photo of yourself serves as a potential employer’s initial impression.

Profiles with professional headshots generate an average of 14 percent more views and 36 percent more messages on Linkedin than those without. It’s vital that you present yourself as competent, hard-working, and kind.

We’ve compiled some advice on taking the perfect Linkedin profile image to help you strike the proper mix between a social network and a professional recruitment platform. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to portrait photography, you’ve found it!

  1. Look Approachable – Your photo should be polished, of course. In contrast, being professional does not need to be solemn. To avoid coming off as angry, try to maintain a natural expression of interest and interest that isn’t too serious or strong.
  2. Get a Professional Headshot – Since your Linkedin photo cannot be clicked on, it is crucial that it features at least 60% of your face. Don’t pick one that was taken from a distance, on a mountain. Put on your best professional face and wow them with your abilities!
  3. Make Sure Your Photo is Up to Date – We’ve all seen those throwback photos from the ’80s and ’90s that look nothing like the person in real life. You should choose a recent photo that accurately depicts your current appearance (glasses, make-up, hair, etc.)
  4. Choose the right expression- It’s hardly unexpected that someone who is smiling will catch your eye more than someone who isn’t. A photograph is the same way. In a snapshot, a person who exudes warmth and happiness will be more likely to impress a recruiter than one who appears serious and austere. Maintaining a nice and approachable demeanor is essential, so try to grin with your eyes. Smile, but not like the Cheshire Cat if it makes you feel awkward. It may seem like a narrow line to walk while trying to take the ideal headshot, but a professional business photographer will help you find the sweet spot. The photographer will likely make jokes or suggest something funny to say in order to get a genuine reaction from you.
  5. Wear Usual Attire – Anyone in a business-related role, from the CEO of a multinational to an intern at a startup, should dress like they would at the office. Consider how the clothes you wear to the office represent both you and your company. Photos can easily “go awry” if you aren’t cautious with how you capture small lines and patterns. Since the image on LinkedIn is so small, the person checking your profile might not see that you’re wearing your favorite orange and purple patterned t-shirt. You may choose a black-and-white headshot if you’re applying for jobs in certain industries. Think about this while you choose an outfit for the day, and if you’re still unsure, snap a few selfies in front of your mirror at home to see how you look in it so you can make adjustments if necessary.
  6. Take Photo Straight On – The photographer should have experience, of course. Neither too high nor too low of an angle is ideal for shooting, but rather straight on. If we’re talking about options, you can… Look calmly into the camera’s eye and attempt to unwind as the photographer takes your picture. If you’re exceptionally tall and find that photographers like to take their pictures from too low of an angle (creating a double chin), try standing with as much room as possible between your knees; this will make you look shorter without the hassle of stooping. Keep your back straight and your shoulders back, and avoid seeming either overly relaxed or too stiff. You should present yourself in a businesslike manner, but also reveal your genuine warmth and friendliness. You can tell the photographer which side of your face is your best, or if you don’t like a certain aspect (like your teeth), they can take a picture of you smiling while you keep your mouth closed.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is a representation of you in the professional world, so it should be one you’re comfortable with.