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If you live in the Baltimore area and are thinking about your next career move, you may want to start looking for professional pictures “near me” that can help you build your portfolio and online presence. With the relatively high-quality image capture of today’s smartphones, it can be tempting to think that we can avoid investing in professional pictures by using our technology and a selfie stick or tripod. However, there are a couple of distinct advantages that come with trusting a local expert photographer with your portrait endeavors—particularly if your motivations are career-driven! In this article, we will break down the top seven benefits of having professional pictures “near me” taken by Baltimore’s most reputable photographers, and we will even answer the question of whether or not professional pictures are worth it.

What Are Professional Pictures?

You may be wondering, “What’s the difference between professional pictures and a selfie?” While to a degree, this can come down to your perspective, professional pictures are taken either within a climate-controlled photography studio or outside with an expert photographer. While acquiring professional pictures can sometimes be a means of celebrating a milestone, a holiday, or a family reunion, they are also commonly used in career-building settings to add a sense of professionalism and brand development to an entrepreneur’s profile.

Top 7 Benefits of Getting Professional Pictures Taken

There are several key benefits that come with getting professional pictures—some of which are obvious and come easily to mind, while others are a little more subtle. We’ve collected the top 7 benefits of having a professional photographer capture your image, whether in the studio, outside your work building, or outside in nature.

  1. Look your best: When was the last time you got all gussied up and put in the time and effort to polish yourself up? For some of us, we can easily go stretches of years at a time without feeling the need to get spiffed up in front of a camera. However, many subjects find that in doing so, and putting in the time upfront with hair styling, clothing selection, makeup, etc, can result in a nice ego boost that can provide you with an afterglow of confidence that will sometimes last for weeks on end. If you’ve got a date or an important interview coming up, this is a great way to kick-start some momentum!
  2. Share with family and friends: Believe it or not, some people still exchange physical copies of photos and keep them in binders or in their wallets. Even if you’re more interested in digitally sharing your professional pictures, it can make a meaningful gift to those who love you and have got to witness your growth and development. Don’t forget grandma and grandpa!
  3. Build your brand, intentionally: When you decide to hire a professional photographer, particularly for career-driven motives, you will want to consider how you come across to potential business partners and clients. Do you want to seem relaxed, down-to-earth, and approachable? Do you want to seem passionate and driven? What type of image would best reflect your values and the career you are trying to build? Professional photographers are an excellent resource for ideas for capturing the right essence for your business while also providing expertise and experience when it comes to executing those ideas.
  4. Trust the process: Of course, when looking at your own reflection in the mirror with your smartphone, you have almost complete control over the image you present. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, or something in between—but there is something to be said for the magic that occurs when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and who you are in front of a camera that comes out when it’s time to reveal the final product. For some people, this can be a gratifying—and even healing—process, particularly if you hire a photographer that you have faith in and whose portfolio you admire.
  5. Show your clients you don’t cut corners: Even the most expert-level selfie-taker would have to work awfully hard to recreate that distinctive, professional photography look. And for those who think they can get away with a simple selfie, think again. It’s clear when someone has invested the time, energy, and capital into professional portraits—and this makes you a more credible and competitive option in your field!
  6. Celebrate: Did you just get promoted? Have a baby? Get your braces off? Graduate? Move? Pictures can be about brand promotion and advancing your career, but they can also be about capturing a feeling or finding a reason to feel good and give thanks. These photos will not only make treasured mementos for celebrating your achievements but will also keep you in that space of celebration as long as possible.
  7. Support local: Yes, you can always get your corporate headshots from the biggest, cheapest company—but the opportunity to connect with a local photographer can not only make for great referrals but unique and effective artistry as well. Investing your dollar in your local photographer is submitting money straight into the local economy, sharing the love, and influencing your neighbors in ways you can’t even imagine.
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Are Professional Pictures Worth It?

While it is true that DIY approaches are often cheaper than hiring an expert to do the job for you, it is not a wise investment to sacrifice the quality of results in the long term to save a few bucks upfront. Not only does the process of getting your professional pictures “near me” taken feel good, but it makes for an easy, thoughtful gift for family members and can make for a fantastic opportunity to pause and reassess your personal or company values. Which do you value more: the cost of a photography session or a good experience with high-quality and professional results?

Professional Pictures Near Me

If you’re already looking for professional pictures “near me,” you’ve likely already got your reasons in mind for seeking out a professional photographer. There is no rush to the process of selecting a photographer to work with, and it is generally worth the effort to take your time and go through their portfolio before giving them a call. Especially for young business owners, freelancers, or entrepreneurs, opting for professional pictures can be a great way to invest in yourself, in your career, and in your own success—so be sure to take your time and set your intentions prior to your session!

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